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Kiddy Grade Links

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Websites are sorted according to site names.

  • Fuji TV's Official Kiddy Grade Homepage
      • A one page simple introduction to the Kiddy Grade story. (All contents in Japanese)
  • FUNimation's Official Kiddy Grade Homepage
      • All flash content based Kiddy Grade tour site. A very interesting and fun experience to visit. :D
  • Kiddy Grade - Works on Web
      • Official Japanese site for Kiddy Grade, sections contained include Information, Story, Databse, Gallery, Staff & Cast, BBS and Link. (All information in Japanese)
  • Kiddy Grade- Encounter of Shadow-Work
      • One of the first Kiddy Grade fansites and one of the most informative ones. Fansite contains Kiddy Grade news, screencaps, scans, characters, cast, glossary of terms, links as well as a forum powered by Invision Board.
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